My First Breath

My name is christian, I’m 17 years old, and i have been through more than i would have liked to. but my past is my past, and i am here to tell you about what life could be for me, as well as you. I’m here to not only fill you in on the details of my life every now and then, but to inspire you all. i feel that despite my age, i have more of a voice than what the world makes me out to have. and what better way to share it, than to start a blog! so, here’s how my average blog post will be: first ill bore you all with a paragraph or two about myself, and after that i will give you word of advice on a topic, mostly being successful, whether its written by me, or something i found online, i am here to give you all inspiration to be more than what you are now. to tell yourselves that living life under the influence of those around you is a life that is undesirable when put next to the life of success, leadership, and prosperity. so ignore my age, and consider taking some of the advice i give you along the way. So, how bout i begin breathing ūüôā


Like i said, my name is Christian. and I’m 17 years old. I live in conditions that most people my age haven’t gone through, but i believe that i am blessed, not based on what i have, but of who i am. yes of course, having things helps motivate me just a little ūüôā i have enough to make me content to keep pushing, family, friends, and a beautiful girlfriend whom i will always babble on about, just a heads up. ūüėõ besides that, i have been through many trials and many obstacles. but one thing that i have learned from it all, is that me as a person is strong enough to overcome them. i have a tendency to find one thing, or in this case one person, and use them as my motivation to continue on. that’s who i am, and in some cases it can be devastating. so far this time its worked out perfectly. anyways lets see, my favorite color ever is¬†Red! I love lil’ wayne, i am obsessed with his music. i love math and science. aaand i hope to be wealthy enough one day to support a family :).

Enough about me though, lets get to the interesting part..


“Definition of success”

I am currently starting my own business for graphic design/ website¬†development. and its tough, i cant lie. this is about as stressful as can be, especially with balancing school, chores, and my girlfriend as well. i have very little time during the day to work on this goal. so i find my self working countless hours at night trying to achieve it. but its worth it. no matter how tired i am, or how much id like to just give up and say its too much for me, i have this unspeakable drive inside me pushing me¬†forward. the best way to describe what is driving me so hard, is success. i have spoken to many business owners, and¬†millionaires¬†about what exactly success is. but there was one man who said something that made me think hard about my personal definition of success. and he is no other¬†than¬†my grandfather. a current business owner and engineer, he has had over 50 years of experience working and¬†earning¬†everything for himself. i asked him what its like to be successful, and he told me that he¬†wasn’t¬†successful just yet.. making $64 dollars an hour and owning a whole other business on top of that. not successful? right. but when ¬†i laughed at what he said, he told me, in a very serious tone may i add, that when he was my age he had dreamed of owning exotic cars and a big house with millions of dollars and he was determined on having it. he never reached that goal. ¬†but he told me that he didn’t see success as owning cars, a house, and millions of dollars, he saw it as being happy. happy with not only yourself, but with the life you’ve made around you. if your not happy with that, then no amount of money, or anything can change that. success comes from inside yourself. it comes from reaching a point in life where you can sit down, look back, and say that you are content with what you have accomplished. big or small. he told me “if you want to be a garbage man when your older, then be a garbage man. but be the best damn garbage man that you can be, and ill support you 100%” of course, i’m not looking to join the garbage business.. ew. but what he told me made¬†sense. we all tell the world how we will be successful and be¬†millionaires¬†and big business owners and¬†etc. but what does that do? what can the money do for you that you cant already do for yourself? its food for thought. i know it told me alot. but what exactly does it mean to you?